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We service most makes and models of outdoor power equipment. Normal maintenance provided for lawn tractors and zero turns will include a visual inspection for fuel or oil leaks, and the unit will be pressure washed if needed to clean the cooling fins. All fittings will be greased. All cutting and transmission belts, pulleys and cutting spindles will be inspected. The engine oil will be changed and all filters (air, fuel and oil) as well as spark plugs will be replaced. Blades will be sharpened or replaced. The engine RPM's will be checked and adjusted if needed. The transmission oil and filter will be changed on serviceable units. The battery terminals will be cleaned and the battery charged and tested.


We will service any brand or model of outdoor power equipment. Bring your item in or, we can pick it up from your location. Pending your location, local pickups and deliveries are various prices roundtrip. We will quickly prepare a full diagnosis. There are no hidden fees. Diagnosing small tools takes time. You may decline service after diagnosis, however we require a minimum fee per tool. Your equipment will be returned in diagnosis form - partially or completely deconstructed.


Lawn mower blade sharpenings are available for next day pick up. Chainsaw chain and hedge trimmer sharpenings are available in a timely manner.

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